External power source and limitations

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External power source and limitations

Postby ggm61 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:26 am


I bought a UPS Pico HV3.0A Plus and I wanted to find some informations about the "External Supply Powering Input" and the kind of input it wouls support.

I read all the documentation, but I ask because I'm not skilled in electronic, and I want to be sure I won't burn my Pico/Rpi.

Can I plug the external power supply input directly on a car battery (12v / 590 A / 60 Ah for example) ?
I read that there may be some voltage peak (when starting the engine, ...) Does the Pico handle this ?

Is it possible to use Lipos 11.1V (3S) 1300mAh as external power source ?
The voltage limit on the documentation is 28V (so it should support 6S Lipo), is there a limit for the ampers ?

Last question, the Pico is provided with a Lipo 3.7V (1S) 450mAh. Can I use any 1S Lipo whatever the mAh ? In this case, Is there some settings to change ?

Thanks in advance.
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