Does the PIco log to any of the system logs?

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Does the PIco log to any of the system logs?

Postby RDK_Pi » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:30 am

My Pi V2 Jessie with HV3.0A seems to be running fine. However, twice in the past 3 weeks it has shutdown unexpected, and did not restart as it would have if after a power outage.

I've looked at the Linux syslog and kernel logs and see where it stopped and then afterwards where I restarted the unit. There were several lines of something like
between the stop and the start lines in the log. I saw nothing in either of the logs which would have indicated an OS problem prior to the shutdown.

Do any of your routines write run time information to any one of the logs? Does the PIco have an over temperature shutdown?

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